What makes our detergent so special?

Ecological detergent from Marseille soap

Our detergent consists of only three ingredients, two of which you could even eat. The third ingredient is high quality Marseille soap, which was cooked slowly in a kettle according to traditional methods.

Only three components means for you:

NO preservatives
NO additives
NO palm oil
...nothing that could cause allergies

You see, your laundry is not soaked in environmental toxins, which you would then wear again on your skin!

Besides, our detergent is free of fragrances! With the help of essential oils, you can decide for yourself how your laundry should smell.

Our washing powder comes to you packed in glass, which you can refill and reuse with our refill pack as much as you want.

We have no secrets, here are the three ingredients:

Marseille soap
Sodium bicarbonate
Sodium carbonate

After washing, nothing toxic will get on your skin.

We do not use palm oil, which saves rainforest area that would otherwise be cut down.

Your washing powder will not have flown halfway around the world before it reaches you. We do not produce in a low-wage country.

The main ingredient is produced in France, but the best is yet to come: the filling of the final product is done by workshops for people with disabilities. People with special needs are thus given a role in society.

Here again your advantages:

50 washes per glass
100% biodegradable formula
Hypoallergenic and fragrance-free
No animal testing

Not only do you have the assurance that you will not be exposed to environmental toxins, you can also count on us to have taken care of ecologically sound transport and packaging.

On top of that we make sure that one tree is planted per order! 

The glass can be refilled ecologically. The refill comes in a paper bag. You already have a suitable container? great! Just order the refill, we will gladly send it to you at a reduced price - for the sake of the environment!

Support us, BeGreener.ch with your purchase, so that we can find more of these beads! Together we want to buy ecologically sensible and sustainable!


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