About us

Who is behind BeGreener?

BeGreener.ch - that's us: Clotilde and Matthias.
Professionally, we had our focus in completely different areas, but our curiosity and our urge to explore brought us on this path. We want to make our contribution so that the following generations will also find a world worth living in.
In our free time we can be found in nature. In the mountains while hiking or in the sea while diving.
The increasing pollution that we find here cannot be denied. We want to be active and promote the spread of the zero waste approach. By developing everyday products according to this principle, it will be easier for you to lead your everyday life sustainably.

As parents-to-be, sustainability is particularly important to us.

Where does sustainability begin?

The smallest part of the plastic waste in the oceans is visible at first glance. Single-use plastic floats on the surface and slowly disintegrates into its components.
From a size of 5mm one speaks of microplastic and it accounts for the greater part of the pollution.
It slowly sinks to the bottom and is accidentally ingested with food by many marine life.
Some of the litter ends up in the food cycle, the rest is deposited on the ocean floor.
It is undisputed that we must try to significantly reduce the amount of single-use plastic and residual waste.
Since large changes are often sluggish mechanisms, this change begins on a small scale.
We can set a positive example and consciously deal with our environment. But the path to sustainability is more difficult the more consistently you go about it. At first, it seems easy to cut back on meat consumption or to do without it altogether. In many supermarkets, when buying fruits and vegetables, you have the option of buying them unpackaged.
But with many everyday objects, it seems almost impossible to find environmentally sustainable alternatives.

The zero waste idea

This is where our BeGreener approach begins - and we go one step further. It is not enough for us to offer environmentally friendly everyday products. Our focus is on making the entire production chain ecologically sustainable. Are sustainable resources used in production and are they also safe to use?
As an example, let's take an everyday product that meets these requirements: our ecological detergent.
It must have good cleaning performance, be sustainably produced and packaged and absolutely skin-friendly.
And that's exactly what we managed to do. Our detergent consists of exactly three ingredients and is free of environmentally harmful additives. No long transport routes are necessary during production and it is packed in reusable glass.

The aim of BeGreener is to transfer the zero waste approach to an online shop. Zero Waste wants to make everyday life accessible to the broad masses in which the production of residual waste is reduced to the bare minimum or completely avoided. In the best case scenario, only materials are used that can be recycled or composted after use. We pay attention to these criteria in our product range and do not make any compromises. Products that meet these requirements make it to our online shop. We want to help you with your sustainable lifestyle by rethinking and implementing products for you from scratch. 

Our vision & appeal

We help you to live an ecological and sustainable lifestyle in which we rethink and produce everyday products from scratch. Detergents, make-up removal pads, toothbrushes - we consistently offer you alternatives for everyday products.